This Man Attributes His 425-Pound Weight Loss to Taylor Swift

posted: 02/01/16
by: TLCme
Ronnie Brower weight loss skin tight
Ronnie Brower

Ronnie Brower was living his own, personal "600-lb Life" until he discovered how much Taylor Swift could motivate him. He was able to achieve some serious weight loss -- 425 pounds to be exact -- by using Swift's hits to get himself to the gym. Through grueling workouts, he lost a lot of weight and he also found love in the process. His girlfriend Andrea Mascelle, who lost more than 100 pounds herself, was inspired by Ronnie's transformation and they transitioned from friends to something more.

But, as we know from watching the journeys of those on "Skin Tight," losing weight is only the beginning. Like those on the show, Ronnie had more than 35 pounds of excess skin that he was keeping him in his old body. With the help of a plastic surgeon, Ronnie went through more than 15 hours of surgery to remove the fat and really see the body he worked so hard to get. Watch his amazing before-and-after looks below.