This Little Girl’s Reaction to Her New Sibling’s Gender Reveal is Priceless

posted: 04/20/16
by: Briana Finelli

Gender reveals are meant to be an exciting time for families, especially for little ones getting a new sibling. But for this little girl, it caused a total (and totally hilarious) meltdown.

What would the sex of their new baby brother be? Sisters Giuliana and Grace receive cupcakes that hold the answer--and everybody loves cupcakes, right? Their mom, Heidi, informs the girls that the cupcakes would have blue filling if the baby was a boy, and pink if it was a girl. From the get-go, you can tell that Grace has reservations.

Giuliana digs in to her cupcake, revealing that the baby would be a boy. Seeing blue filling, Grace quickly decides that she was against the whole event. "I really don't want to open mine," she tells her mom.

And once she sees the blue icing, it's over! "Oh, no. I wanted pink!" the little girl sobs. "No fair!"

Watch the adorably hysterical video above to see Grace's reaction. We might not get to see how it all turns out, but we're sure the two girls are going to make the best big sisters to their little brother!