This Little Girl’s Love for Bread is All of Us

posted: 06/25/18
by: Amanda Mushro

Cutting back on carbs can be tough. So when we saw this video of two-year-old Olivia with her arms full of bread, we knew we had found our bread-loving soul mate. While many of us try to live by the motto less is more, sweet Olivia is living by the more is more motto when it comes to bread.

Usually children try to sneak extra sweets or sugary treats without their parents knowing. However, little Olivia was quite brazen when she decided if she needed a snack--she was going in for not just a slice of bread--but the entire loaf.

Her mother, Katie Bloodworth, said the Georgia toddler swiped the loaf from the pantry and then ran into the living room to nosh on the bread. That's when her mom took the video of Olivia who, as you can see, is happy as can be with her arms full of delicious bread.

Bloodworth posted the video to Youtube, and it quickly went viral because after a hard day, who hasn't wished they could just dive head first into a loaf of bread?

In the video, you can hear her mom laughing when she asks, "Where did you find that?" But Olivia doesn't reply because she is too busy munching on her bread. Totally understandable. We don't like to be bothered while we eat either. Give that girl some space, Mom!

At the end of the video, Bloodworth, who by now realizes that while Olivia may be little, she probably won't give up the loaf without a full on, two year-old sized tantrum, quips "Girl loves her bread!" It is at that very moment, all carb lovers can unite by saying- same, Olivia. Same.