This Little Girl Proves That in a World of Princesses, It’s Better to Be a Hot Dog

posted: 06/07/16
by: Mara Betsch

Teaching your kids to "think outside the box" and "just be yourself" is easier said than done. It often takes most adults years to separate themselves from the pack and pave their own ways, but five-year-old Ainsley from Holly Spring, North Carolina, proves she's wise beyond her years.

Each year, her dance studio hosts a princess week, letting the little dancers wear old recital outfits and even dress-up costumes to class. It looks like most of the young ballerinas took the theme to heart, but not Ainsley. She showed up in a hot dog costume, much to the delight of her teachers. One of her instructors posted a photo to Twitter with the caption "It was princess day at dance and one little girl came as a hot dog. I have never admired someone more." And Ainsley's picture went viral, with many people praising her originality.

But the best response came from her proud dad, who put his own photo on Twitter:

If we learn nothing else from this photo, it's this: In a world of princesses, be the hot dog!