This Little Boy Trying to Dive into a Pool is All of Us

posted: 07/27/18
by: Amanda Mushro

While he might not win any diving competitions with this attempt, two-year old Deacon Casanova gets our vote for the most awesome belly flop.

Our young swimmer, who lives in Asheville, North Carolina, was getting a quick diving lesson from his mom Corina Casanova. You know, the usual--feet together, head down, arms out. Corina demonstrates a great dive. Then her older son gives his best attempt at a dive. Then it's Deacon's turn. This is where it all turns hilarious and so relatable.

With a look of determination, he throws caution to the wind and just goes for it. However, what we see isn't so much of a dive but more of a grand belly flop.

"Ok ok I've been convinced to post this finally (from last week) lol," his mom captioned the now viral video. "So glad this is making so many people smile like it did us!" The hilarious video has already been viewed over seven million times.

Deacon finishes the awesome belly flop by popping his head out of the water and flashing a big smile to the camera. Basically this kid is rad and we want to invite him to all future pool parties.