This Is the Shocking Amount of Money Americans Spend on Valentine’s Day

posted: 02/13/18
by: Amanda Mushro
Handsome elegant man is holding roses and covering his girlfriend's eyes while making a surprise in restaurant, both are smiling


Love is in the air and apparently our budgets are out the window because Americans are expected to break the bank while wooing their partners with flowers, candy and jewelry this Valentine's Day. So how much do all those hearts and flowers cost? This year, Americans are expected to spend 19.6 billion dollars on Valentine's Day gifts. Yes you read that correctly, 19.6 billion dollars.

So where is all the money being spent? Here's the breakdown:

  • All of those Valentine's Day cards we are giving to loved ones, those will cost Americans around $849 million.
  • Around $3.7 billion will be spent on wining and dining. Yikes! What is everyone ordering?
  • A grand total of $3.8 billion will be spent on Valentine's Day staples: chocolates & flowers. In fact, UPS says they expect to deliver around 88 million bouquets of flowers on February 14th.
  • Another $4.7 billion will be spent on jewelry sales. If you are giving your honey something shiny, be ready to pay big bucks for their gift.

Another fun fact, tomorrow we can expect lots of "she said yes" pictures on social media because there will be over 9 million marriage proposals on Valentine's Day.

While the average person will spend about $143.56 this Valentine's Day, there are a few ways to save money but still show your partner you care. Instead of eating out, why not make a special dinner at home? You can save a lot of money and not fight crowds on Valentine's Day. Also when you choose a gift, go for something that is not the typical Valentine's Day present. This way you can get your partner something they will love but won't have an expensive Valentine's Day price tag. You can also DIY a gift for your Valentine and we've got all the inspiration you need right here.