This Is Life Live Finale is Your Necessary Dose of Inspiration

posted: 04/27/17

Need a morale pick me up? Look no further than the finale of This Is Life Live. We closed out the four-day event with two inspirational stories of love and support.

First, we met Sabrina, a strong woman who suffered unimaginable tragedy when she lost her mother, aunt, and child to a house fire. Along with her loved ones, Sabrina also lost the majority of her belongings--except for her car. Her car, aptly named Silvia by her daughter for its silver color, became a treasured possession for Sabrina. The dents and marks reminded her of the family that had passed.

When the car was repossesed, Sabrina was so heartbroken that she eventually found the family who had bought the car and wrote a letter. Kevin, who got Silvia for his daughter, was so touched by the story that he posted the letter online. This is when Tammi, a total stranger, comes in with a beautiful act of kindness. After seeing the letter, Tammi raised enough money to be able to buy Kevin a new car so that he could give Silvia back to Sabrina. It's a tangled web of kindness that led to an unbelievable reveal. Watch the live moment below.

Next we heard Nefertari's story. Nefertari never knew her father. Her best friend, Dede, always spoke of an incident with her father where he pointed to Nefertari and said "that's your sister." Up until this point that was only a fun story between the two friends with no proof to back up the claims. However, once Nefertari learned she had a serious heart condition similar to Dede and her father, she began to wonder if this story was truth. Watch the two women find out live whether or not they truly are sisters.

Watch more of Sabrina's reaction to Tammi's incredible kindness on our After Show, and find every episode of This Is Life Live on TLCgo!
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