This is Hands Down the Best Vegetable to Grow in Your Home

posted: 02/27/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Many of us have dreams of growing gardens that can provide us with all our fruit and vegetable needs. The problem is that it takes more than water and sunlight to make certain plants grow properly. Sometimes, it's not the fact that you don't have a green thumb, but simply that the plant you're trying to grow doesn't thrive in the climate you're living in. There is, however, one vegetable that is nearly full-proof to grow in your home: garlic greens!

Garlic greens, also called garlic scapes, are one of the easiest things you can grow, which is good news because it is something we can all use a lot of. Garlic scapes are similar in appearance to green onions with the taste of garlic. They are delicious and take very little time to grow!

Growing directions:

  • Simply place 3 to 4 cloves in a pot of soil
  • Sit them near sunlight and moderately water them
  • Within just 7-10 days your garlic greens will be ready to snip!

Once you see long, thick grass-like strands growing from your plant, you can snip to use in your cooking or save in your fridge! You can use these garlic scapes as you would green onions or garlic in recipes. You can top dishes with them, mix them in sauces and use them for added flavor to any meal. You can also incorporate your scapes in garlic butters, infused olive oils, and whip them into spreads like homemade pesto! The greens from the garlic have a ton of delicious subtle garlic flavor. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this versatile green. You will find yourself using them in everything you cook to add extra flavor.

If you want to grow actual garlic bulbs, they are also an easy vegetable to grow in your yard or garden. Just plant the cloves root side down during the fall season. By early spring you should start being able to pick your garlic bulbs from the ground. You will know that they are ready when most of the leaves have turned brown. Once you start growing garlic cloves, you will find yourself having an endless supply. You'll never have to buy a head of garlic again!

Whether you're setting out to grow garlic greens or garlic bulbs, it's an extremely easy vegetable to grow. There is nothing more rewarding than cooking with vegetables and herbs you've grown yourself. With this easy method you'll be using garlic in everything! Check out more plants you can easily grow without needing a green thumb!