This Groom Completely Loses It When He Sees His Bride

posted: 12/18/15
by: TLCme

Weddings can be highly emotional events, but it's usually the brides we hear about crying their eyes out. Not so, in the case of groom Will Ceasar, who was weeeeeping at his own nuptials. An adorable video of Ceasar bawling as he watched his wife Lindsey Whitehead walk down the aisle went mega-viral last week.

Ceasar shared why he got so emotional with The Knot. "My life is walking towards me. My future is getting closer. My present is right there. She's my gift. Heaven sent," he said. "All I could do was weep in joy and excitement and bliss and happiness. She was finally about to be mine."

What did Lindsey think of the tears? Well, she was already bawling, too. "I'm a cryer, that's what I do. But when the doors opened I took a breath and paused for a moment."

The pair, who live in Eufala, Mississippi, share a strong mutual faith. Ceasar, who is a pastor, said that the couple has fought hard to stay together. "We haven't always had it easy, my wife and I. There were many jurisdictions, barriers and strongholds to climb...Social status, spiritual, emotional, obstacles," he said.

Which might also be why he broke down in tears on their wedding day. "Thinking over our history and everything we've been through. All of the struggles," he said. "In that moment it vanished at nothing else mattered."

One day I hope to find a man that looks at me the way Will Ceaser looks at Lindsey Ceaser. #thesearchhasceasedIf this...

Posted by Alyssa Hudson on Sunday, December 6, 2015