This Great Dane Holds the Title of Tallest Dog in the World

posted: 01/13/17
by: Blythe Copeland

When Claire Stoneman adopted two Great Dane puppies she couldn't have been expecting them to ever be described as petite, but she had no way of knowing that the smaller of the two, Freddy -- the runt of the litter -- would someday claim the title of World's Tallest Dog.

In September 2016, Freddy earned a spot in the Guinness World Records when he was measured at just over 40 inches while standing on all fours; when up on his back legs, he's more than 7.5 feet tall. (The record for tallest dog ever stays with Zeus, a 44-inch tall Great Dane who died in 2014.)

Stoneman told UK show This Morning that Freddie doesn't eat dog food -- some his reported favorite meals are peanut butter toast and roasted chicken. His own personal Instagram feed, FreddyGreatDane, shows him towering over guests on the sofa, playing with his sister, Fleur, and reaching the top of the kitchen counter with ease. At 18 months old he was already taller than his owner, as she posted in this throwback photo, writing, "Never could've imagined he'd get even bigger than this...love my big hunk of a boy."