This Genius 10-Year-Old Designed a Prosthetic Limb That Shoots Sparkles!

posted: 03/30/16
by: Mara Betsch
jordan reeves glitter prosthetic

Jordan Reeves looks a bit different than the average 10-year-old. And it's not because her left arm stop around the elbow -- it's because she has an incredible prosthetic arm that shoot sparkles!

A profile in Fast Company explained exactly how she came to dream up this prosthetic. Reeves recently participated in the Superhero Cyborgs program in San Francisco, hosted by nonprofit KIDmob and 3-D software firm Autodesk, where she was paired up with engineers to help her design and make her own prosthetic. Naturally, she chose one that involved glitter.

Over five days, she and five other children, along with a team of designer and engineers, dreamed up this genius idea. After a few sketches, she used a 3-D printer to create a cast of her arm that she could use as a model for her final project. After a few tweaks on "Project Unicorn," she ended up with a five-barrel cannon that sent sparkles flying by simply pulling a string.

And that's not all -- over the next six months, Reeves will be paired with a mentor to encourage her to develop and continue to tweak her design. And though this is an awesome project, Reeves hopes for a future arm that's more functional (and maybe less messy). She told the magazine "And I could hold heavy things like our groceries. It might actually have a hand on it. It started out as one thing and then it grew into something cooler, and I'm designing it to make it better."

Watch her journey below: