This Foster Father Only Takes in Terminally Ill Children Showing Them the Purest Love & Compassion

posted: 07/06/17
by: TLCme
Mohamed Bzeek is what some might call an angel on earth, for over two decades he has fostered the sickest of the sick in Los Angeles Country's foster care system. As the LA Times reported, "he has buried 10 children and some have died in his arms."

In February of this year Bzeek cared for a 6 year old girl with a very rare brain defect that causes her to be blind deaf and paralyze in both the arms and the legs. Bzeek wants this girl to know she is not alone in this life, he talks to her, he holds her and gives him his full heart. He states "She has feeling, she has a soul. She's a human being." Bzeek loves the children as his own.

Bzeek states "I do my best as a human being and leave the rest to God." And what Bzeek does is truly miraculous.