This Dad’s Post About Stay-at-Home Moms Will Leave You in Tears

posted: 02/19/16
by: Amanda Mushro

It's the question that every stay-at-home mom dreads and is so tired of answering: "So what do you do all day?" It's even worse when it's your partner that asks you this question. So when one man gave stay-at-home moms everywhere a little validation on for everything they do as a full time parents, it quickly went viral.


"I sometimes don't give this woman the credit she is due" writes Tony Emms on his Facebook page about his fiance and stay-at-home mom Charlotte Sperry. "When I come from work she is always 'tired' now it's me who has been at work doing stuff all day, but lately I've been thinking what this amazing woman does while I'm out."

Tony goes on to talk about his revelation about how her day plays out and it has nothing to do with watching hours of TV, eating bon bons, and talking on the phone for hours.

Does she nap when the baby naps? "No she doesn't she does the washing, cleans up baby's toys and starts washing the pots from the night before"

Why isn't the house clean? "All the cleaning she done earlier is now time wasted as baby's toys are everywhere."

He ends with a sweet reminder for all fathers, "Respect the mother of your child. She is a special type of human that has given up everything to bring up your baby."