This Dad’s Barf Story Is Totally Worse Than Yours

posted: 05/17/16
by: Mara Betsch

As any parent knows, if there's an inconvenient time for a child to throw up, wet their pants, or engage in any other gross bodily function, they'll seize the opportunity. If something can go wrong, kids will make sure it will -- it's just the beauty of parenting! But Ben Patterson, who shared what may go down in history of the most epic vomit story ever, takes the cake. And the best part is that the entire horrible situation played out over text, as Ben was trying to inform his wife of the situation.

Let's start with the setup. Ben was driving his son Declan home (his wife was on a girls' night out), and the little boy tossed his cookies in the backseat. Unfortunately for Ben, he doesn't handle vomit so well himself.


But things get worse. While trying not to throw up himself, Ben is approached by a well-meaning woman who accuses him of drunk driving and calls the cops.


He finally manages to make it home, but we can only imagine how his wife reacted when she saw these messages after-the-fact.


Every parent has a story like this (hopefully slightly less dramatic), and we hope that this one makes you laugh and thank your lucky stars you didn't have to experience it firsthand.