This Dad Worked Three Jobs to Buy His Daughter Her Dream Dress

posted: 07/30/18
by: Amanda Mushro


When it comes to school dances--it's all about the dress. Sure there is the hair, the makeup, and what fabulous shoes you'll wear, but we know, it's all about the dress. So when Nevaeha Smith found her dream dress with a hefty price tag for her eighth grade dance, she thought the dress would never be hers. That's when her dad swooped in, and the results--this viral video that has us reaching for the tissues and standing up and cheering.

The 14-year-old spotted the dress and knew it was "the one." "I said, 'Mom, dad, I want this dress,'" Nevaeha told ABC News. "Is it in our price range?" But with big time dresses there is usually a big price tag.

When the Pittsburgh teen realized the dress she fell in love with was $200, her heart sank. However, her dad Ricky thought there might be a way to make it work. "I looked at the price and I was like, 'Uh, not really sure, but I can see what I can do,'" said Ricky.

Ricky, who already works six or seven days a week juggling shifts at three different jobs, didn't make any promises to his daughter. But the hard working dad picked up extra shifts at McDonald's, Popeye's and the Circle K convenience store to save enough money to buy the two piece floral dress that Nevaeha loved so much.

When he purchased the dress, it was the Nevaeha's mom who suggested her dad surprise his daughter. So they asked Nevaeha to visit her dad at work, and when she arrived, her mom pulled out her camera and started recording.

In the video, Ricky presents his daughter with a garment bag. Nevaeha looks confused as he begins to unzip the bag. When he reveals it's THE DRESS, she leaps into his arms, begins thanking her dad profusely, and crying tears of happiness.

Between her joyful sobs, we hear "It's the dress!" So she's crying, we're crying, everyone is crying, and we just want to hug Ricky, too.

"My heart felt like there was more love in it than there was before," said Nevaeha, describing the big moment. "I love him and I'm really happy that's he's my father."

Nevaeha rocked that dress at her eighth grade dance and now has a beautiful story to tell when she looks back at pictures of that amazing dance.