This Dad Picked Up The Wrong Dog At the Groomer and We’re Dying From Laughter

posted: 05/10/18
by: TLCme
This dad had a rough day after learning the pup he picked up from the PetSmart groomer was in fact no their family dog. According to PopSugar he was convinced his son Alex was pranking him, until his other son weighed in to confirm the dog that was walking around their home was not Nieves. .

In an interview to Buzzfeed Alex said that his father thought perhaps he was "getting old" and his eyes were "betraying" him. Turns our there were two Malteses waiting to be picked up by their owners and Alex recalled that his dad stated "Yeah, I have to fix this before mom gets home." Judging by this viral tweet, there's a good chance mom ended up finding out about the mix up.