This Dad is Inspiring Girls to be #MoreThanCute This Halloween

posted: 10/28/15
by: Courtney Reimer
picture of an archer girl

As anyone who's been to a costume party with kids lately can tell you, the dominance of princesses is no joke. And there's certainly nothing wrong with your kid using her imagination however she can, but as one dad is helping show via a social media campaign, girls should feel like it's okay to be #MoreThanCute.

That dad, John Marcotte, has long been advocating for more varied and stronger representations of female characters in pop culture via his site HeroicGirls.com. For Halloween he's encouraging parents to think outside the princess box, dress their girls in something #MoreThanCute and post it on social media with said hashtag.

"Boys are given a full range of costumes that tell them they can be anything they want - heroic, brilliant, or scary," Marcotte told BuzzFeed. He wants girls to feel like they have more options beyond princess genre, and that they're about more than how they look.

The campaign is already catching a lot of momentum, as seen in these great posts:

And Marcotte's own daughters are providing a pretty great example of how to be #morethancute: