This Couple’s “Winter PUNderland” Decorations Are Absolutely Adorable, Hilarious and Fun

posted: 12/18/17
by: TLCme
'Tis the season for walking in a winter wonderland for some, but for Cori and Kyle Gunderson, they're walking in a winter "PUNderland," no snow boots required. With Santa hat on and wine glass in hand, Cori takes us on a tour of their decked halls...well, entrance way to their California home filled with festive holiday puns. At first Cori doesn't want to reveal but pun, but her cackling husband on the other side of the camera encouraged her to do so. Puns included the alphabet, missing the letter l - creating "no L" aka Noel, various seasonings hung on a Christmas tree holding signs that read "hi"...yup you guessed it, "seasons greetings." My personal favorite is the final one, but you'll have to watch the video to find out what that is!

The best part of the video is the holiday spirit the two are in, you can tell they had fun not only coming up with the ideas but right up to filming them -- and isn't that what the season is all about? Enjoying time with your loved ones!?

via PopSugar