This Couple Recreated Their ’70s Wedding Photos and They’re Adorable

posted: 07/29/15
by: TLCme
Jay Johnson

The first thing Dexter Johnson said to Carolyn Johnson when they met in Cleveland, Ohio, was "Do you wanna boogie?" To be fair, the pair were at a bar, it was 1975, and it seemed like an appropriate thing to say. Carolyn accepted, joined Dex on the dance floor and never looked back.

Forty years later, Dex and Carolyn wanted to do something to commemorate all their years of wedded bliss, so they decided to recreate some of their favorite photos from their wedding day. Carolyn actually sewed both her wedding dress and Dexter's suit jacket -- they, of course, kept both -- and so they put them back on for a new set of photos exactly like the first. The only piece they had to replace was Dex's white tie that somehow went missing in the ensuing four decades.

The couple's son Jay put the photos of his parents up on the social media site Reddit, where they've gone mega-viral. Unsurprisingly, people remark on how utterly in love Dex and Carolyn still seem to be. When asked what his secret was, Dex told Today.com, "Always kiss her goodnight and say 'I love you, baby.'"

Good answer.