This Bride is the 11th Woman In Her Family To Wear This Wedding Dress

posted: 10/01/15
by: TLCme
Abby Kingston

There's family tradition, and then there's what Abby Kingston's family did with a precious family wedding dress. When Kingston marries her fiance Jason Curtis this month, she'll be the 11th woman in her family to wear a wedding dress that's been passed down in her family for more than a hundred years.

The first person to wear the dress was Kingston's great-great-grandmother Mary Lowry Warren. Warren wore the dress in her 1895 wedding, and its poufy sleeves and long train reflect the style of the times. The dress remained in storage for more than 50 years before Warren's granddaughter revived the two-piece gown; Jane Woodruff wore the dress in her February 1946 wedding.

But once it was brought back into play, everyone in Warren's family wanted to wear it. As the decades wore on, relatives began cutting into the dress to make it more trendy and "with the times," which of course ruined the integrity of the original garment. Lace was added to certain areas, and the dress was snipped here and there. Abby's mother wore it to her wedding in 1977 and then it was passed to other relatives for several other weddings in the '80s.

When the Kingstons finally tracked it down at an aunt's house in Vermont, the dress was in bad shape. It hadn't been stored properly, and there was a great deal of disintegration to the fabric. Abby took it to a fabric repairer who lovingly restored the color of the dress from brown to champagne, reworked the badly damaged sleeves, and basically gave the dress new life.

After her wedding, Kingston told BuzzFeed that she'd love for it to "be in a museum or FIT, but one of my mom's cousin's daughters has interest, so there's already starting to be some buzz around who will wear it next."

See the gown through the years, courtesy of Abby Kingston: