This Adorable Boy Wins Best Going Back To School Photo Ever With His Good Luck Bag

posted: 09/13/17
by: TLCme
Little Boy in China with Good Luck Bags
Next Shark
First Day of School
Next Shark
A 3-year old boy in China gets the prize for winning the internet this week and he set off for his first day of school. The little boy's name is Youyou and in addition to his books his bag contains "apples, instant noodles, green onions, pancakes and water chestnuts," according to Next Shark.

His mother, whose surname is Cao explained that it's a custom their home city of Changshu, Jiangsu Province. She explained to China News "This is part of the unique folk tradition in Changshu, I prepared these lucky things for him the same way my uncle did for me."

Each of the items in Youyou's bag signify a lucky word relevant to the child, for example green onions are meant to make the child clever!