Things to Consider When Choosing Childcare: Experience

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by: Kristina Wilson
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2. Does the caregiver have the experience you need?

Experience is one of the areas that trips up a lot of parents. It is certainly important to make sure that your nanny has relevant experience but far too often we see families fixated on the exact age of their child. If little Jimmy is 3, then they will only consider nannies who have worked directly with 3 year olds. If a nanny has worked for 5 years in the 2's room of a preschool and then another 2 years with a family whose child was 4.5 years when she started, you have found a good candidate. Let's face it, your child will only be 3 for 365 days. Look for caregivers with interactive behaviors, a high regard for safety, and a loving disposition and don't lose a great nanny because you don't see your child's age in their resume. Pro Tip: Forget about searching for CPR training, the class is cheap and you can send your caregiver to the class before they start with you.

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