Things That Surprise You When Remodeling: A Door’s Inswing

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by: Randi Kest
Red and orange empty interior

The inswing on a door is very important

Doors, like trim, can really finish off a project. As I near the end of the trim bonanza of 2015, it's time to pick out new front and interior doors. Had it not been for the trusty trim guy, I probably would have moseyed on over to the neighborhood home improvement store and started picking out doors willy-nilly, paying no mind to anything called the inswing. I'm sure if any contractors or home improvement whizzes are reading this they are shaking their head at my idiocy. But to the laywoman, an inswing is insignificant. Until you're carting back a bunch of doors because you guessed wrong. To put it simply, the inswing is the way a door swings into a room. So, a right hand inswing door swings open to the right, but has the door knob on the left. See? Tricky. Thanks to the wild Scotsman, I've learned a ton in these past two weeks, not the least of which is this inswing business.

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