Things Parents Probably Don’t Know About Their Child at School

posted: 01/02/18
by: Amanda Mushro
A little boy is sitting on a stack of books at the library and is reading.

As soon as you pull up to the school and your child runs through the doors, you have to wonder what their day is really like. You'll ask what they learned and how their day went, but you never really know what goes on at school. Popsugar recently posted a blog written by a teacher talking about things that most parents don't know about their child at school. Some of it you might already know, but most of it you have probably never thought of.

First thing you may not know or think about is that your child turns into a mini-you. You have probably heard about children acting the way their parents do, but it may not be something you think about on a daily basis. At school, teachers will notice certain language, sayings or behaviors that directly mirror their parent's actions. This is why it is important to stay aware of things you are doing and saying around your child.

Another behavior many teachers notice is that kids can't do the same things in the classroom that they can do at home. So often, parents will email teachers due to grades and corrections on homework saying that they have seen their child answer these questions correctly at home. However, hovering over your child while they are doing homework, helping them and offering suggestions can actually hurt their learning process. At school, they have to solve problems and answer questions on their own. So, when they become used to getting hints about a certain question, they can't perform as easily during school. It is so important to trust your child's knowledge and let them figure out certain things for themselves.

A few key things parents don't realize is that while they may have a hard time getting out of the car and going to school, once they are inside, they are happier than you think. Kids have fun interacting with their friends and participating in fun learning activities. Teachers do a great job at keeping kids entertained throughout the day to make it go by fast. Most of the time you are thinking about them more than they are thinking about you. Just know that you may have some days when your child is clinging to your side and is unwilling to go, but after fifteen minutes of being at school, they are happy to be there and ready to learn!

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