These UNpacking Tips Will Change Your Life

posted: 12/14/17
by: Amanda Mushro

When you're preparing for a family vacation, odds are you're more concerned with what you need to pack, rather than how you're going to unpack. That said, life is a lot easier when you're not living out of a suitcase the entire vacation. If you're strategic with your unpacking, you can save time and hassle. Our life hacks expert Amanda Mushro recently returned from a Princess Cruises vacation and shared some of her best tips and tricks for unpacking on a family vacation.

Personalize Your Space
Make your living quarters for the vacation feel like a home away from home! Upon arrival, have your kids unpack any toys they brought with them--lay stuffed animals on the beds, hang drawings, etc. This helps your kids feel comfortable, and makes the rooms feel more like their own.

Use an Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer
This basic organizational tool can be a TOTAL game changer. Hang one over the door of your bathroom use the pockets to store all of your family's toothbrushes, makeup, styling tools, etc. You can find what you need quickly, it clears ups counter space, and keeps the bathroom clutter-free throughout your vacation.

DIY Hanger Extenders
Make the most of your closet space by making simple DIY hanger extenders. Simply take the top of a soda can and thread the heads of two hangers through it. This allows you to unpack more clothes, and use less space. You'll be surprised just how sturdy this extender really is!

Use Hanging Sweater Organizers as Cubbies
Before you leave, toss a hanging sweater organizer in your suitcase. These make for a great catch-all for shoes, wet suits, or towels. If you want to save time on busy on-shore excursion days, you can designate each pocket as a cubby and put your kids outfits in there the night before to save precious minutes in the morning.

Want more unpacking tips? Check out Amanda's video below from her Princess Cruises vacation!


#LifeHacks: Unpacking Like a Pro

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Use these amazing unpacking tips to make any hotel or vacation room feel like home!