These Stunning Wedding Dresses Are Made from Toilet Paper

posted: 06/22/16
by: Blythe Copeland
picture of toilet paper wedding dresses

Forget that easily torn, shabby looking "dress" the bridal party made out of toilet paper at the last shower you attended: The intricate, wearable designs that won a spot on the runway at the 12th Annual Toilet Paper Dress Contest were nothing short of stunning. From lacy mermaid trains and imitation pearl beading to structured pleats and matching headpieces, the 15 finalists --winnowed down from more than 1,500 entries -- are breathtaking examples of creativity and ingenuity.

The contest, started by Susan Bain and Laura Gawne of cheap-chic-weddings.com more than a decade ago, allows aspiring designers to secure their creations together with tape, glue, and a needle and thread. Otherwise, the only material is toilet paper: rolled, shredded, balled, and woven into surprisingly sturdy and beautiful gowns.

"People always think they're real," Bain told The Washington Post. "It's the funniest thing."

Bain says designers have used as little as four rolls of toilet paper or as many as 72, a minor investment considering the prize -- first place wins $10,000; second place, $5,000; and third place, $2,500 -- which is enough to buy any bride's (cloth) dress of her dreams.