These Stories Will Restore Your Faith in Humankind

posted: 08/22/16
by: Katherine Sosnoff

While the news is often filled with stories we'd rather forget, the folks featured below will totally restore your faith in humankind - and hopefully inspire you to pay it forward!

1. A waiter at an Applebee's got a surprise tip after his random act of kindness touched someone on just the right day.

2.A mom reached out to the internet for help finding a replacement t-shirt for her daughter with autism and the response was incredible.

3.) When a Texas teacher was in line to purchase school supplies for her students, the man in line behind her decided to teach her (and her students) a lesson in kindness.

4.) Kids today...are actually pretty great. Instead of a party and gifts, this nine year old boy celebrated his birthday by delivering pizza to Louisiana flood victims.