These #ScaredofSanta Photos Prove Not Every Kid Likes the Big Guy in Red

posted: 12/10/15
by: Mara Betsch

Meeting Santa

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Will and Zoey meet Santa. Will it go over better than last year?

As Zoey from "The Little Couple" proves above, not every child is excited to meet Santa. While she's a little, um, hesitant to meet the guy from the North Pole, others may not fare as well. In fact, some are downright terrified (see the photo evidence below). But going to visit Santa at the local mall is a right of passage, and if you've taken your children to see the big guy in red -- and walked away with a funny photo of the whole spectacle -- share it below using #ScaredofSanta. If not, scroll through these hilarious pictures and thank your lucky stars that your child survived his or her Santa experience.