These Parents Had Twins…and Shocked Their Loved Ones by Keeping It a Secret

posted: 04/16/15
by: TLC

Gender reveal videos are becoming increasingly common for expecting parents, but Florida couple Sharon and Korey Rademacher gave theirs a twist: They waited until friends and family came to visit the hospital post-birth, and then announced that they didn't have just one new daughter joining their older son--they had two.

Dad Korey told ABC News that he and his wife decided not to tell anyone they were expecting twins from the moment they found out in August, and they managed to keep the doubly-exciting news to themselves until the girls, Brianna Faith and Maryann Grace, were born in March. Their friends and relatives seem genuinely shocked--and we're just glad no one blurted out something awkward to the new mom like, "You had gained so much weight, we thought it must be twins!"

Congrats to the couple! Watch their loved ones amazing reactions: