These Packing Techniques Will Change Your Life!

posted: 12/28/17
by: TLCme

Our life hacks expert recently returned from a family Princess Cruises vacation and besides sharing all of the amazing activities on board the ship, she also gave us a sneak peek into her brilliant packing hacks!

Use the burrito method to fold clothes
In an effort to save space in your kid's suitcases, put together an entire outfit--everything from shirts and pants to underwear and socks, and roll them together. This will allow you to double the amount of clothes you fit into a single bag! You can watch the full technique in the video below.

Pack clothespins!
These simple household items have several uses. Not only can they be attached to shower curtains to hang wet bathing suits and towels out to dry, but you can also use them as DIY toothbrush holders so your toothbrushes aren't just sitting on the bathroom counter.

Use plastic wrap to pack jewelry
Use two pieces of adhesive plastic wrap to pack jewelry without it getting lost or tangled. The plastic wrap creates a vacuum effect and you can open and close it as you please.

Store chargers and chords in an old sunglass case
Instead of constantly hunting around the pockets of your suit case for chargers and cords for your electronic devices, simply store them all in an old sunglass case for a one stop charger shop.

See more tips from Amanda's Princess Cruises vacation in the video below!

#Lifehacks: Packing Techniques

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Amanda shares her best packing secrets to make your next trip easy and breezy.