These New Barbies Look More Diverse Than Ever

posted: 01/28/16
by: Mara Betsch

For decades, women have been playing with Barbie dolls. Once a favorite of little girls, Barbie has received some backlash in the past decade with numerous complaints about her completely impossible body measurements (although this woman went to great lengths to get her look) and the message they spread to impressionable young girls who looked nothing like her.

And beyond her physical appearance, Barbie's initial lack of ambition (her first few careers were as actress, model, or fashion designer) has caught a lot flack recently. Last fall, Mattel released the "Imagine the Possibilities" campaign, which featured girls in powerful careers, as a play to win back millennial moms who had shunned the doll in favor of more encouraging -- and realistic -- options.

Now, as of January 28, a new line of Barbies is hitting shelves with a much more diverse look. There are three new shapes in addition to the original Barbie: curvy, tall, and petite. Hair and skin color can be customizable, including a variety of nontraditional choices -- like blue hair! -- and the dolls now have the option to wear flats (a smalls step for womankind). Best of all, all of the dolls are called Barbies, not Midge, Christie, or another name to denote that this doll isn't really a "Barbie." Take a peek:


And, starting March 1, you can even buy the dolls online. Though there are definitely some flaws, making Barbie dolls look like real girls is a step in the right direction.