These Mom and Baby Workouts Will Inspire You to Get Moving

posted: 08/01/17
by: Kristine Boyd

Danielle Busby's Kid-Friendly Workouts

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Danielle Busby from OutDaughtered gives us tips on how to work out and have fun with the kids at the same time!

Working out while raising children seems like a daunting task. It can seem impossible to try and find the time to get to the gym or go for a run. These moms have proven that there are no excuses when it comes to personal health. Many moms feel selfish or like they are being a "bad mom" if they set aside time to workout. These moms want to change that stigma and promote that taking time to focus on yourself is extremely important! Working on your health also sets a good example for your children. You can always find 30 minutes to get in a workout with your children. These fit moms are inspiring us to get our sneakers on and get moving!

#moveoftheday Spider Walk Kettle-bell Upright Row OR Plank Pop Kettle bell Up right Row for a faster option! This move works your shoulders, abs, quads , glutes, and hamstrings?? and you get cranberry in her Jammies ?. I like to finish shoulder or leg days with it . Can you tell I have a mad love for a Kettle-bell and leg workouts!! I have posted a lot of those lately. We are back from our vacation but I have a few videos I filmed and never posted because I had no service there and I have to take the time to edit them... and I seem to always be busy trying to clean my house though it's always messy, brush my kids hair though it's always messy, play with my kids though it seems they are always fighting, and trying to make meals yet it seems I am always trying to figure out what to eat??. That being said, I most enjoy being with my family and why I don't post as often as others. Camry is 10 months right now and starting to stand on her own. I want to push her down and tell her to stop growing!! How do babies grow up so fast?! Any one else feel the same??? Do 15 sets of spider walks rows or 15 plank up right rows shorts from @popflex_active

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Outside workout because today it's cloudy in AZ! YAAAAAAAAYYYY! @rebelutionmusic

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Full body- using 1 long resistance loop from at the @thexbands ??. I went from City to the mountains over night ?? A vacation does not mean a vacation from my workouts. That is part of what makes me who I am. I like to move my body!! It's that simple! Spending the rest of the week at our family ranch and making a full workout out of one resistance loop and a fence! This is my favorite place to visit and we go every summer since I was born.. literally ?. It is so hot in Arizona right now so it's so nice to have the girls be able to roam freely, enjoy the mountains, and I can get an outdoor workout in again and won't die of heat? ! I am using @thexbands long loop. For 10 percent off use code: delishfit . I am in love with the booty band set and the full body set . I literally use them every day and all over the place!! Reps will vary based on the band resistance you have but I do about 15 reps High Row (back & shoulders) Tricep extensions (triceps) Waist twist (abs & back) Low Row step back Lunge (back & legs) 90 degree bicep curl 1 minute Jump squats for a little huff and puff at the end No rest repeat 3 more times

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Still waiting on little miss ??so we started the day with morning workout and play with some new toys and books from the @bigwaustralia toy sale ?? One thing I've worried about with the bubs arrival is keeping the boys entertained as we stumble our way through the 'newborn bubble' ?Lots of you suggested it (BIG THANKS for the ideas ?) so I decided to get the boys a big new box of toys ~ some for now while I'm heavily pregnant and some for when little miss arrives ~ a present from their baby sister ?? It just so happens I was able to pick them all up on sale at @bigwaustralia - yay for a good toy sale to keep all the babes happy and entertained ??? PS - I think bubs is too comfy and warm in there?! Maybe she knows the chaos she's about to enter with 2 big brothers so she's just taking her time ? Any ideas for me to try to get her moving today?! #bigw #bigwtoysale #spon

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