These Literary Baby Names Are Beautiful

posted: 03/23/17
by: Katie Morton
Lit names

Naming your child is a big decision--you want something meaningful and inspiring, yet unique. If you don't have a name already in mind, you may want to look to some of literature's most popular characters for inspiration. Choosing a character from a story that moved you is a great way to source a name for your little one. Here are some of our favorite literary character names to choose from.

Jo (Josephine), Little Women

While there are four great female characters to choose from in Little Women, the second older daughter, Jo is our favorite. She was headstrong, smart, spirited, and independent. She had wished she was a boy, and was able to read and write at a time where it wasn't expected of women. Jo also cared and provided for the family. What better traits to teach young girls?

Tita, Like Water for Chocolate

The character of Tita in Like Water for Chocolate embodies love and passion. After falling in love with Pedro, Tita spends her entire life loving only him. She fulfills her duties while still remaining completely and utterly true to herself. Naming your daughter Tita while surely inspire her to follow her heart.

Scout, To Kill a Mockingbird

Here's a name that will teach your child to stand up for what's right. Scout watches as her father, Atticus Finch is tasked with defending Tom, who is wrongfully accused of a crime. Scout boldly stands up and defends her father from the racist words and actions of the town, and even saves Tom from being lynched by publicly shaming the mob. Scout is also a great name for both boys and girls!

Pip, Great Expectations

One of literature's most famous characters, Pip embodies a sense of duty and self-responsibility in the face of changing external factors. We meet Pip at 7 years old, where he is a poor orphan in love with a wealthy young girl named Estella. He is met with some great fortune, and finds himself moving up in social class. From rags to riches and back to rags again, Pip learns that every choice one makes in life has a consequence. The name Pip is certain to be a strong reminder that nothing in life comes free.

Santiago, The Alchemist

The central character of The Alchemist is a dreamer who sets out on the adventure of a lifetime. Santiago is open-minded, and spends his time seeking spiritual fulfillment. At the end of the journey, he meets the Alchemist who helps him understand the mystery of life. The name Santiago is a great reminder of the importance of listening to your hear and following your dreams.

Drawing from classic literature is a wonderful way to find the perfect name for your child. The right literary character will not only provide you with an interesting name, but also a cool story behind it.