These Inspiring Messages from Female Celebrities Will Make Your Day

posted: 08/17/17
by: Kristine Boyd

When you have a large following on social media, it is your duty to use that to your advantage. These female celebrities are always sharing uplifting posts to brighten their follower's days. They are always sharing quotes, uplifting other women and trying to make the world a better place. While social media has many negatives, these amazing women are using it for all the right reasons. Whether it's about confidence, body image or just about being happy, these women will make your day!

#Repost @honest It's more than enough.

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#tbt to feeling completely disconnected to the "things" that can sometimes give you a sense of power, success, worth, acceptance and connection with the world and feeling totally connected to the fact that we are a small part of this incredible universe and the humbling feeling that when you really take a look at the "things" that cause stress and anxiety and an overwhelming feeling that you aren't enough, it all disappears. When it becomes all about me I know that's when I get the most stressed and overwhelmed. The minute I look outside of myself and find the joy in the little things..... animals, the clouds, water, people laughing with their friends, being able to FaceTime loved ones, driving, washing my hair, getting the public bathroom stall with the sink in it (that's my favorite haha) and so many other things we so easily take for granted, all of that goes away. My inner joy and peace settles in and the gratitude flows. I'm a normal person with ups and downs and so many people always ask why or how I'm so positive. Well that's the answer. When I'm in my head, I'm dead. When I look outside myself, I find my reserve tank and it's full. Or as I like to say, our true essence of who we are! :) Have an awesome Thursday (the day before TGIF) and I challenge you to find the joy in the little things today! You may surprise yourself! ? ?: @brookslaich

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In less than an hour I get to put another year to bed. What luck, what fortune, befalls those of us lucky enough to see another year. I'm so grateful to be able to celebrate the passing of time. Not everyone is so lucky. Great writers whose words cut me to the bone with their beauty have reminded me of this. The tragedy of life cut short. The gift of aging. Wouldn't it be beautiful if "aging" became synonymous with "blessing?" With luck. With grace. With the notion of a gift? I like myself better than I did a decade ago. I want that for everyone. The years. The gift of adding chapters to the book that makes up a life. o 34, you've been good to me. Terrible to me. You've tested every ounce of my bravery & gumption. You've brought me to my knees in pain. You've shown me joy I never knew I could experience. You've made me laugh so hard that I've cried & lost my breath. You've given me clarity. You've revealed my power to me. I'm learning to own it, I am. To be in a place that feels this good, this real, and this hard earned? My chest aches in gratitude. I am exactly where I'm meant to be. And as I look back, at the last 10 years even, and back at the me I used to be I can't help but be overcome with grace, for her then, and for this me now. o Heart? I'm doing my best to honor you and lead with you. Body? It hasn't always been easy for us but I am learning to love you & see beauty in what you are (and cast off notions of what you "should be." Fuck that). Mind? I'm so damn grateful for your capacity for complex thought and your empathetic core. When I look at how these and all my other parts add up? Well damn. It certainly ain't perfect. But it's mine. And it's taken work and struggle and love and loss and a whole bunch of other shit that's mine alone - don't forget that Internet isn't a full scope, not even close, but it IS important for us all to make it more vulnerable & more kind - and here I am. Stepping forward into another year. Stepping closer to home. That's what it's all about. Coming home to ourselves. And hopefully building a life we are damn proud of with a tribe we call family along the way. o This. Here. Now. There is nowhere I would rather be. #S?Aqu?

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#beautyjunkieweek is over and all I can say is I am just a true blue beauty junkie myself. I haven't been paid of influenced to suggest anything in these posts. These are just things I love or have discovered that I wanted to share. I am convinced if we take good care of ourselves, we will feel better and less distracted by our own funny insecurities. I don't have time to go to pamper myself, because i just don't, so I am always thrilled to find at home solutions. And I don't want to mess with my face, so I try to find myself ways and products to look my best naturally. I will continue to travel the world, find innovative labs, and educate myself about al the wonderful possibilities out there for us! I love being feminine. A woman. A mom. And always, a celebrator of all things #girl #beautyiswithin #therestofmydrawers #researchcolletion

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YES RUPI. Thanks for this @LenaDunham ? #MOSTGIRLS

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