These Dogs Totally Stole The Show At Their Owner’s Wedding

posted: 11/19/15
by: TLCme
wedding dogs
Shandess Griffin

Shandess and Jason Griffin got married, and it was a beautiful and magical day. But if you're anything like us, the thing you'll notice about their wedding photos is not the gorgeous bride and groom, but the special furry friends they had at their ceremony.

The Griffins definitely had to include their four dogs, Zero, Holden, Arbor and Navi in their big day, even though the pups probably clocked in at a combined 600 or so pounds. The four dogs were actually responsible for bringing the couple together. Shandess said she only responded to Jason's message on a dating site because he said he wanted to take her dogs on a walk with her.

When the pair first got together five years ago, Shandess only had Zero, a Samoyed, and Holden, a Bernese Mountain dog. They then adopted Navi, an Australian Shepherd mix, and Arbor, another Bernese.

When it came time for Jason to propose, he of course included the dogs in the event. He affixed signs to each of the four dogs that spelled out "Shandess, will you marry" and then hung the last one, "me," around his own neck.

For the ceremony this past September, each pup got a blow out and his very own bow tie. Just like perfect gentlemen (not like this photobombing pup).

Are they done adopting dogs? Heck no! They're picking up their fifth dog, and Australian Shepherd puppy, later this month.