These Clothespin Hacks Will Your Make Life So Much Easier

posted: 07/05/16
by: Amanda Mushro

If you have a dryer in your home, there's a good chance you aren't using clothespins to hang your laundry up to dry. But even if clothespins aren't assisting you in your laundry efforts, there are still so many ways you can use these handy clips all over you home. Here's 10 of our favorite clothespin hacks.

1) Don't you hate when the serving spoon falls into the dish at a BBQ or potluck? Just attach a clothespin to the side spoon so it catches on the rim of the dish. This hack is perfect to keep spoons from sliding into a pot when you're cooking.

2) When you're traveling and don't have a place to store your toothbrush, prop your toothbrushes up with a clothespin instead of laying it down on the bathroom counter. Just clip the clothespin around the toothbrush and use the handle of the toothbrush to keep the clothespin standing up.

3) Attach a row of clothespins to a closet door or to a strip of wood with a glue gun for a handy holder for scarves, gloves or hats.

4) Create a natural air freshener for your home or car by attaching cotton balls to a clothes pin and adding a few drops of your favorite smelling essential oil. Then attach the clothespin to an air vent. To freshen, just add a few more drops to the cotton ball.

5) When you need to hammer a nail into a wall, put the nail inside the clothespin first. Your fingers will be safe from the hammer, and you can see where the nail needs to go. No more crooked pictures!

6) Clothespins are great tools to help toddlers with fine motor skills. Have your toddler use a clothespin to pick up small items like pipe cleaners. To help kids with early learning skills, write letters on the clothes pins and have kids clip the clothespins to corresponding letters on paper.

7) Keep your earbuds from getting tangled by wrapping them around a clothespin and stringing the earbuds through the smaller holes. Toss the clothespin in your purse in suitcase so you can travel with without tangled earbuds.

8) Never seem to have enough plastic clips to seal opened bags of cereal or crackers? Just use clothespins! You can even toss those bulky boxes and seal the bags with clothespins to save on pantry space.

9) Use clothespins to clip blankets to your baby's stroller to block out the sun or wind.

10)Attach clothespins inside the cupboard under the sink so you can hang wet sponges or gloves to dry.