These Avocados Stay Ripe Twice as Long –Here’s How it Happens

posted: 06/28/18
by: Amanda Mushro
Happy young woman holding avocado halves on a yellow background


Any avocado lover can tell you that their relationship with the delicious fruit--yes an avocado is a fruit--is a delicate balance of the avocado being hard as a rock, then a small window where it is perfect, and in a hot minute, it quickly turns into a black ball of mush. So when we heard there are avocados that stay ripe for twice as long--as guacamole connoisseurs, we wanted to know more.

Turns out it is a special coating that is added to the peel of the avocado that we can thank for this ripening magic. Apeel Sciences is the company behind this new coating which is made from cutin, a natural substance in peels that is derived from natural products such as grape skins, seeds, and pulp.

The company says the coating is colorless, odorless, and even tasteless. The avocados are dipped into the coating so it forms a barrier that keeps the moisture from dissipating out of the avocado and minimizes the oxygen that can get in. The result, produce with the coating stays fresh two to three times longer.

Since Americans trash about 40% of their food because it spoils, Apeel is hopeful this natural coating can help save our produce and ease the burden on our wallets. This new coating could be a game changer for countries where refrigeration is not possible.

The company said it is starting with food where the peel is not eaten--like the avocado. However, they are looking into adding the coating to other produce with edible peels like apples, peaches, and broccoli. Right now you can find the Apeel avocados at Costco.

Now we need to think of more yummy ways to enjoy avocado since we have a little more ripe time on our hands.