These 7 Morning Rituals Basically Guarantee You’ll Have a Happy Day

posted: 01/05/16
by: TLCme

Eric Barker is a psychologist and author of the popular blog Barking Up the Wrong Tree, which, as he puts it, "brings you science-based answers and expert insight on how to be awesome at life." And his latest topic is one that we should all explore -- things we can do to have a happy day. Most of our new year's resolutions focus on getting thinner, richer, and more organized, yet we forget all about making ourselves happy.

Thankfully, Barker dug through the research (you can read it all in the original blog post) to discover the little things we can do each morning to make our days a little brighter. And, the happier you are, the more productive you are, so all the more reason to try out these tips:
  1. Have something to look forward to: Whether that's a your favorite zumba class or lunch with a colleague you rarely see.
  2. Manage your mood: Do the things that give you a sense of control -- like making a to-do list -- to keep stress levels low. Also, avoid checking email as soon as you get out of bed.
  3. Eat breakfast: Ain't nobody got time to be hangry. Having an a.m. meal boosts your mood and your willpower.
  4. Do something you dread: Crossing off the most hated item on your to-list will make you feel so much better afterwards.
  5. Send a "thank you" email: Gratitude will start your day off on the right foot.
  6. Plan how you'll deal with challenges: Think about all the worst-case scenarios so that you're prepared for everything.
  7. Kiss somebody you love: According to Barker, men who kiss their wives before work live 5 years longer, make 20-30% more money and are far less likely to get in a car accident.
What do you think of these tips? Do you have any to add to the list?