These 13 Items are Always in the Busby’s Diaper Bag

posted: 07/19/17
Adam and Parker

When OutDaughtered's Danielle and Adam Busby go anywhere with their 6 kids, you better believe they travel prepared! We're giving you a peek inside their diaper bags, where the parents show us the lifesavers they can't leave the house without!

1. 10 diapers

"I would never leave without diapers and wipes -- two for each baby," Danielle told US Weekly. "There's an extra set in our van just in case."

2. Fresh pack of wipes

3. Tube of diaper cream

4. Diaper spray

Danielle says this really helps to clean poopy diapers better! As we saw on this season of OutDaughtered, you never know when there's going to be a diaper emergency!

5. Disposable diaper bags

6. Diaper changing pad

7. Hand sanitizer

This is a MUST for Danielle because her girls love to touch and put anything in their mouths!

8. Sunscreen

9. Chapstick and lip gloss

Got to keep some stuff in there for mama too!

10. First Aid Kit

11. 6 Sippy Cups

Making sure each quint (plus Blayke!) has her own sippy cup is key for Danielle! "They do not like sharing cups," she said. "If one has one, they all want one at the same time."

12. Snacks

Although Danielle changes up what food she brings, she never leaves the house without 5 portions of a snack for the kids. Some of her go-tos are pretzels, veggie straws, and fruit/yogurt pouches.

"It's not only a snack," explained Danielle. "It keeps them distracted pulling snacks out of the bag!"

13. Extra batteries and memory cards

When Adam packs the diaper bag, he always makes sure he's camera ready! You never know when something adorable is going to happen, and with the Busby girls, that's six times as true!

Make sure you keep up with the whole Busby family with full episodes of OutDaughtered on TLC GO!

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