These 10 Hilarious Photos Prove That #TallGirlProblems Are REAL

posted: 06/08/16
by: Ashley Vazquez

Everyday life can suddenly become much more challenging when you're tall. From finding clothes that are long enough to towering over your friends, there are just some problems only tall girls understand (just ask the ladies from "My Giant Life"). Thankfully, most tall women find humor in these situations, and document them on social media using #TallGirlProblems. Scroll through some of the most hilarious ones below:

1. When You're too tall for the selfie stick

2. It's always a surprise how clothes are going to fit

3. Needing a bigger personal space bubble

Oops ? #tallgirlproblems

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4. Never being able to see the top of your head in a mirror

Never being able to see the top of your head in a mirror. #tallgirlproblems

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5. Towering above your friends

Pretty much.???? #babygiant #amazon #tallgirlproblems #gotmorelegsthanbody

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6. Cute rompers are not your friend

Why I don't wear rompers. #longtorsoproblems #tallgirlproblems

A photo posted by Brooke Davis (@brookeismagic) on

7. You can't help peeping over the stall

Forever making people feel awkward when they realize you see everything... #tallgirlproblems

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8. Never having enough room in the car

9. Low ceilings are your nemesis

My life in general. #???? #watchyourhead #tallasian #tallgirlproblems #tallgirls #tootall

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10. Extra legroom is a necessity

The struggle is real, y'all! #longlegs #longandlean #tallpeople #tall #tallgirlproblems #airplanes #nolegroom

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