The World’s First Ever Transgender Doll is Based on Jazz Jennings

posted: 02/21/17
by: TLCme
Big news for I Am Jazz star Jazz Jennings! Tonner Dolls revealed during NYC's Toy Fair this weekend that the first-ever transgender doll will be modeled after her! Tonner Toy company's CEO, Robert Tonner came up with the idea for the doll and said "I was very impressed with Jazz when I saw her on Barbara Walters 10 years ago. I thought she was an amazing kid with amazing parents."

Jazz is very excited for the new doll and plans on owning one herself she told the New York Times "I was just so excited," she went on to say, "I think this sends a very positive message about the transgender community."

Jazz is a strong and powerful voice in the transgender community and we are so proud of her.

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