The Unexpected Downside of Major Weight Loss

posted: 01/06/16
by: TLCme
picture of formerly obese woman with excess skin

When a person undergoes gastric bypass or loses a massive amount of weight by other means, it can appear to be immediately life-changing -- and in many ways, it is -- but it's not as if their story of obesity ends there. Often, they are left with so much extra skin -- sometimes as much as 50 pounds of it. (One woman, Elena Baker, wrote candidly on Refinery 29 of how, after losing more than 100 pounds, she could pull the excess skin left behind a half foot in either direction from her body.)

People who've undergone extreme weight loss typically need to have additional surgery (or surgeries, plural, as the case may be) to remove that extra skin.

"Remember, skin is a live organ that expands (more skin is created) when patients gain weight," board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Thomas Sterry, explained to The Huffington Post. "Unfortunately, there is very limited ability for the skin to tighten as weight is lost."

"Skin Tight," a powerful new show on TLC, follows people who've experienced this condition after major weight loss. As Megan, one of those profiled in the show, explains: " I've come so far, yet I still I feel like nothing's changed."

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