The Unexpected Connection Between Social Media and Weight Loss

posted: 07/15/15
by: Courtney Reimer
Hands taking picture of pancakes

It's somewhat counterintuitive, the notion that something involving typing away on a screen could have a positive effect on weight management, but turns out people are having success in adding Twitter to their fitness plan.

According to a recent study documented in the Huffington Post, researchers are finding that there is a link between the accountability and public nature of sharing your fitness goals online and the success rate of a weight loss regimen. The research found that for every 10 tweets a study subject sent about weight loss, they lost a pound.

And one person who lives pretty publicly on a day-to-day basis bears out the truth of this study: Brian Stelter, a former reporter for The New York Times and current CNN personality, specifically set up a Twitter account aimed at helping him shed some pounds.

He eventually lost 75 pounds in that year, far more than his goal, and has made healthy eating and fitness part of his day-to-day Twitter life that also covers media and current events.