The Trick That Helped This Mom Get Fit in Her 50s

posted: 07/26/17
by: Kristine Boyd

Alicia Astorino was warned by her doctor that her blood sugar levels were consistently high for two years and that she needed to make a change. Her young active self would have never imagined that when she was in her 50s she would be on the verge of being diabetic. She knew she had to do something for her health. Alicia cut out sweets and started off with a walking routine.

Her walking habit eventually turned into her walking distances as long as half-marathons. She even joined a running group, in which she would practice her walking speed. Alicia was proud of herself for improving her blood sugar levels, but was still confused as to why she wasn't losing any weight. Her fitness fanatic daughter told her that she needed to start running. Alicia told her daughter that she would start running (with no intention to actually do it.)

We did it! ??I am sweaty.

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Running was not on her radar because it seemed way too hard to do in her 50s. All that changed when she accidentally ran one day. Yes, accidentally. Alicia told PopSugar that one day a few minutes into a group walk, "they all began to run. As I was midconversation, I ran to keep up. And then they stopped. Whew, I was so relieved . . . the running was just a fluke. We walked for another minute, and they began to run again. Then walk. Then run, again. "What madness is this?" she wrote.

The group explained to her that this was the Galloway method. They run for 45 seconds and walk for 45 seconds and continue this pattern for 6 miles. Alicia thought she could handle anything, even running, for 45 seconds, so she kept moving. By the end of it she was overjoyed that she, who had not run in 30 years, had just walked/ran 6 miles!

Alicia is now doing better than ever! "My blood sugar levels are under control and I'm off my doctor's prediabetic radar. And I'm losing weight -- about eight pounds so far -- which has stayed off. I've completed two half-marathons this year, with one more scheduled wherein I hope to break that three-hour time," she wrote. You go girl!

Via: Pop Sugar