The Trending “Hot Water Challenge” That Every Parent Needs to Know About

posted: 08/14/17
by: Kristine Boyd
boiling water
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Boiling Water

We have seen some fun challenges that have trended over the years. From the hilarious chubby bunny challenge to raising awareness with the ALS ice bucket challenge, there has been too many of these social media trends to keep track of. But there is a new challenge that every parent needs to know about.

It's called the "hot water challenge."

This challenge involves kids pouring extremely hot water on an unsuspecting friend, or drinking boiling water from a straw. What started as an idea for a prank, has turned into an extremely dangerous, and in one case fatal, trend.

With the abundance of social media platforms, it can be hard to monitor what your child is viewing on the internet. Social media has become especially dangerous when young adolescents view these trends and don't realize the harm it could cause. It can be hard for kids at this vulnerable age to decipher what is not safe. When they are surrounded by their friends, trying to fit in, it can be hard to speak up and say that it is a bad idea.

Parents of the families who have had children treated for these burns have strongly suggested that everyone have a conversation their kids about the "hot water challenge." They encourage parents to be aware about what their child is posting on the internet to help stop this horrible trend.