The Top 5 Tricks to Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet

posted: 11/11/16
by: TLCme

Your medicine cabinet is a small, but important space and can easily get cluttered. Follow these 5 tips and tricks to keep your medicine cabinet organized and clutter-free!

Start from scratch
You really only need 10 things in your medicine cabinet. So take everything out, fill it back with those key items and add more if space is available.

Leave the most space for products you use every day, like a moisturizing lotion. Daily lotions like Lubriderm come in a variety of sizes (available at Target) and can easily be placed into a medicine cabinet of any size.

Use jars, containers, or boxes to group together all of your beauty products, medicines, and first aid items. This not only maximizes space, but makes your products easier to find.

If you're still finding like you don't have enough room for your essentials, try swapping out full sized products for travel size.

Adjust your shelves
It's not uncommon to find adjustable shelves in medicine cabinets. Find the configuration that works best with your products to customize the space!