The Third Night of This Is Life Live Brings the Waterworks

posted: 04/26/17

Night 3 of This Is Life Live and the drama is not letting up at all!

It all started with Nathalie, a deaf mother of two who began losing her hearing at a very young age. While she learned to read lips incredibly well, Nathalie still worried that she'd miss out on important parts of her children growing up. Specifically, she wanted to hear her daughter say "I love you" for the first time. After Nathalie received a cochlear implant, she was shocked at the effects, even telling the doctor she sounded like an "alien." Then, the waterworks started when she greeted her family and heard her daughter say those three magical words. Watch the live moment below.

Next, we met Monique. This strong mother of 6 lost two sisters and her first baby to a drunk driver 20 years ago. Before he died, one of her father's wishes was that she would be able to forgive the man behind the wheel, Jim. Now, she's finally ready to do that so she can have closure and peace from that time of her life. Watch their face-to-face meeting filmed live.

Watch Monique's interview after this heartfelt forgiveness on our After Show. Then, catch full episodes of This Is Life Live on TLCgo!
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