The Sweet Note All Stay-at-Home Parents Should Read

posted: 03/17/17
by: Blythe Copeland
A mother sits with her baby son at the dining table. She is reading through her latest bank statements and final demands. She is worrying about how she is going to pay this next set of bills.

Stay-at-home-mom Kate Douglas was at the end of a long day with her two young sons when she grabbed a few out-of-the-house hours to herself after her husband returned from work. "I was defeated," she wrote on Love What Matters. "They won." That's a feeling that parents who stay home can all relate to -- but a sweet note from her husband turned her day around.

He gives Douglas -- and anyone who second-guesses the efforts of a parent who doesn't work outside the home -- a new way to look at her daily responsibilities, writing:

"Your sons woke from their nice warm beds that have been lovingly washed and made by you. They ate breakfast that was organized a week ago when you wrote out the shopping list. You packed a lunchbox for 1 to go to daycare which you questioned "is it healthy enough, will he still be hungry' whilst balancing another on your leg, arm, shoulders. You dropped off at daycare where you sat for an hour comforting him because he was having a bad day, letting him know mum will always be there. You returned home where you spent a day with a 2 year old, holding conversations and toilet training, teaching him how to make his way from toddler to a big boy. You put him down in his bed for a nap making sure he had enough energy to make it through the rest of the day, despite knowing you don't. You spent your limited time between resting, house work, house work and house work. After all this and little rest you picked up from daycare where you took them to appointments, making sure they are as healthy as can be, Made sure they had dinner, had your first adult chat at dinner, the whole time still being a mum and solving the worlds issues."

He then ended the letter with a pep talk: "So when you see a bad day, I see an amazing women who never calls in sick, never quits, never turns her back on the hard days and who has the power to go to bed knowing it will happen all again tomorrow, You are an amazing and fabulous mother, Even though it doesn't seem like it, you are the greatest thing in these boys lives and we love you, for everything you do."

Via Pop Sugar