The Surprise This Dad Put in His Daughter’s Last School Lunch Just Might Make You Cry

posted: 06/08/17
by: Blythe Copeland

High school graduation is an emotional time for families, as parents prepare to send their (not so) little ones out into the world, and teenagers begin to face the reality of starting the next phase of their lives -- which often means transitioning away from the everyday presence of their mom and dad. The tiniest moments can become meaningful and sentimental -- even when they're as small as what your parents pack you for lunch.

On Love What Matters, Meg Sullivan shared a story of the tearjerking note her dad left in the last lunch he packed for her. "My dad has been making my lunches since kindergarten and he always peeled the oranges for me," she writes. "Sometime last year my family started making fun of him for taking the time to peel my oranges for me even though I was 17 years old and completely capable. So after that it became somewhat of a joke although he still peeled them for me every day...On my last day of high school I got this instead."

Sullivan's dad had enclosed two oranges in a plastic bag along with instructions on how to peel them, and a handwritten note, complete with a crying face, that said, "It's Time Baby Girl".

"My dad and I are really close and have bonded an incredible amount over the last four years because it's just he and I living together," says Sullivan. "So we only have each other, but that's all we really need...My dad said, 'There are a lot of big things you do as a parent to show your kids you love them, but it's really about the little things.'" And while her dad probably hopes peeling an orange is the toughest challenge she'll face in life, it sounds like he's a father who will always be ready and willing to help her with the bigger issues, too.