The Spouse House: Where Are They Now?

posted: 02/08/18
by: Kate Meroski

Last summer's Spouse House followed singles looking for love and marriage--FAST. We saw two weddings, a few hook ups, and more than a couple sparks. Now that we're in the dark days of winter, we want to know...where are they now?

Brianne was left single and alone after her budding relationship with Chris ended when he began pursuing Missy. And although we don't spy any new man on her Instagram, she looks like she's living her best life all the same!

Speaking of Chris and Missy...they're still together. In fact, they just got engaged! Missy posted a glowing engagement photo of the two to her Instagram.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky in love. We're sad to report married couples Kelli Jo & Jimmy, and Naya & Danny have called it quits.

Is Tom lucky in love? We're not sure, but we do know he's been breaking a sweat at the gym along with some other familiar faces of Spouse House.

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It's clear Tom and Michelle have moved on from each other. But she's pretty busy these days....being a Bulls cheerleader and all!

And it looks like Ashley Lauren took her positive vibes and entrepreneurial spirit off to sunny California!

But first... coffee.

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